Steffi & Timo

Winter Wonder Wedding, Pfronten

When Steffi first contacted me, she told me about how they would celebrate their intimate wedding at a restaurant on a mountain top near an old castle ruin.

So we started planning for a golden hour sunset portrait shooting with an amazing landscape in the background.

I was excited!

A couple of days before the event, the temperatures dropped. Snow turned our landscape into Winter Wonderland and the view from the ruin was limited to the closest treetops.


I’m so glad this happened.

The best part of it all was how well Steffi and Timo handled the situation. Clenching their teeth they bravely withstood the cold for a cute and fun portrait session.

I can only wish to get to work with even more couples that are this cool in 2016.

Location: Burgruine Falkenstein, Pfronten