Golden Gate

All around the bridge

It’s still incredible to me, that I got lucky two years in a row and got to go to Apple’s developer conference (WWDC) in San Francisco again. Of course I took the chance and slept as little as possible, making sure to see as much of the city as I possibly could.

I took a bike across the bridge and to the view points. Floundering up there was a bit exhausting but definitely worth it. Especially, since both times last year, when I got there, the bridge was covered in fog. So I was happy to see at least half of it cleared up.

On the north end of the bridge, there’s a cute little town called Sausalito. It’s very touristy but so beautiful! And it had the adequate refreshers, needed after a bike ride in the sun.

From Sausalito you can take your bike with you on the Ferry, back to Fisherman’s Warf.

One night a bunch of attendees got up at 4am, to take an Uber to the bridge and photograph the sun rise. Unfortunately the sky was cloudy, but luckily there was no fog on the bridge and it was still lit when we got there. I remember how hard it was to get up this early and carry all the camera stuff there. Looking at the photos though, I’m very glad I did it. Thanks to Ash Furrow for organizing the early morning photo walk.